Guna Co-operative Ltd.

Stupa Housing Pvt. Ltd.

Guna Cinema Pvt. Ltd.

Guna Cinema Pvt. Ltd., located in Gwarko, was started on 2056 B.S. with Guna (KA). Due to the support of all the viewers it has been able to add more theaters within the spanning period of 5 years to give a taste of different movies at the same time. Now it is one of the best and only cinema hall in the country having 8 theaters under a roof.

Guna Jewellers Enterprises

Guna Jewellers Enterprises is the designer, manufacturer and exporters of special handmade silver and golden jewellery from Lalitpur, Kathmandu valley, Nepal. Shakya family, who were well known as the jewellery makers since decade, runs this company and shaped it up from their family business to a biggest enterprises by their continuous work and labor. As a result the company is now able to meet your special ornamental needs. Guna Jewellers can make your custom designed jewelleries, accept your order in any quantity and deliver to you door step in any part of the world. Apart of jewellery, Shakya family gains vast knowledge in statue making as well. They offer high quality statues from metal to wooden.

Reliable Colony

Reliable Colony, promoted by Guna Group is home for people those who seek a reliable and comfortable lifestyle. We have designed our homes earthquake resistant. The Colony has been specially managed for free from pollution and for reliable society lovers, well ventilated for natural light & friendly design are the unique features of Reliable Colony.

Guna Airlines

Since the dawn of time, man has dreamt of flying. Touching the skies and soaring through the air was something that happened only in dreams. Now, with advancements in technology and a vast amount of capital being invested into the aviation sector, manned flights are no longer a dream; in fact, they have become the norm.